M6 French TV Videos Interviews (1994)

Interview 1Scott is talking about  France and Europe
Interview 2Scott is talking about the success  of  the serie and playing each time different   characters  
Interview 3Scott is talking about  50' and  70' and Dean Stockwell  
Interview 4Scott is talking about people who dub him. Meeting with press and the Scott's french voice
Interview 5Quantum Leap's crew was a big family and Scott is talking about Dean again
Interview 6Donald Bellisario's  interview at home: he's talking about Scott, his     fav' episode and his father
Interview 7Scott is talking about his fav' episode and how physical QL was
Interview 8Scott is talking about Sci-Fi and  QL as a Sci-Fi show
Interview 9QL changed Scott's life
Interview 10Scott is talking about special effects and "Lord of Illusions"
Interview 11Scott's comments on QL bloopers
Interview 12Scott as director on QL and talking about violence on TV
Interview 13After QL: Mercy Mission, A Passion To Kill, Color Of Night, Murphy's Law, with extracts and QL movie's project
Interview 14Leapers (Los Angeles) and Convention 93
Interview 15Songs on QL and CD, Books and Fanzines
Scott is talking about his projects as producer and actor
Interview 16Just for fun: the end with a cake and Jay Schwartz